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Smart Moulds was established in 2003. The “urethane” products that Smart Moulds casts is used in the manufacture of high-resilience Polyurethane Products and custom-moulded to the specifications of the following industries: Mining, Manufacturing, Engineering, Packaging/Material Handling, Automotive/Transportation, Robotics, Construction and many more.

Polyurethane Sheeting and Lining

Smart Moulds casts highly abrasion resistant polyurethane sheeting and lining.

Urethane-based sheeting and lining is extremely durable in high traffic industrial environments where rips, tears, abrasion, vibration, impact, and noise are prevalent. It is flexible, can be glued and welded, and is usable in a wide range of temperate conditions.

Polyurethane Sheet Linings act as a sacrificial lining, used to protect the actual surface of equipment. Furthermore, they have excellent ‘memory’ or ‘rebound’, enabling it to recover under pressure. Lastly, they’re cast and packaged for ease of transport, handling, and installation.

Smart Moulds polyurethane-based sheeting and lining products are used across factories, mining facilities, and manufacturing plants nationwide.

Dimensions, Shore Hardness & Colour Options:

Polyurethane Sheets and Liners are custom cast to fit the shape and size of any application.

Max length: 3 metres
Varying shore hardness’s available: From 30 A – 80 A
Available in any colour of choice


The width and height (thickness) available varies based on the weight of the cast Polyurethane Sheet.
The maximum allowable casting weight is 90kg.

Suitable Applications:

  • Chutes & Bunkers
  • Spoon Chutes
  • Feeders & Screens
  • Block Pads
  • Launders
  • Impact Bars
  • Mill Feed Chutes
  • Pocket Linings
  • Mine Load Boxes
  • Dead Box Linings
  • Mine Skips
  • Deflector Plates
  • Truck Linings
  • Scraper Blades
  • Belt Transfer Chutes
  • And so much more!

Polyurethane Brick Grab Rubbers

We manufacture PolyGrab – Polyurethane Brick Grab Rubbers, using high-quality polyurethane to withstand tough conditions. They have been designed to grip and transfer strapped tiles and bricks. The Brick Grab Rubbers provide a steady grip and protect tiles and bricks from damage.

These Polyurethane Brick Grab Rubbers are suitable for most cranes, trucks, and forklifts equipped with various types of tile and brick grab clamps.

Our brick grabs are extremely durable, lasting up to three times longer than standard rubber grabs. Polygrab rubbers use polyurethane in a range of hardness from 80-85 shore. This hardness allows for flexibility and a better grip.

Popular polyurethane grabs offered to various companies across the country:

Replacement grab rubbers suitable for forklifts and trucks equipped with Abel grabs.


  • 2 x Long PolyGrabs Length = 420mm
  • 4 x Small PolyGrabs Length = 320mm

Replacement grab rubbers suitable for Consani Brick Grabs.


  • 2 x Long PolyGrabs Length = 1200mm

Replacement grab rubbers suitable for most Kennis crane attachments and grabs.


  • 4 x Long PolyGrabs Length = 520mm

Polyurethane Belt Liners & Scraper Blades

Liners are custom-developed in-house to provide maximum protection of your plant’s conveyance infrastructure from abrasion associated with mineral processing. We have the ability to produce liners to any size, height, thickness, or shape.

The benefits of using our Polyurethane Liners include, their customisation for your specific application, and the ease associated with their fitment, use, and replacement.

Enhance the service life of your processing equipment and plant in overall, by asking us to tailor-mould polyurethane liners suited to your specifications.

We help achieve the objective of Scrapers, by aiding the effective removal of residue material on a belt at various discharge points.

Polyurethane Plugs, Valves & Seals

We have the ability to custom-cast light-weight, safety-enhancing, and easily-installable urethane Plugs, Valves, and Seals, in a variety of sizes. They’re designed to offer a shield of protection from spraying or leaking solvents, chemicals, or acids.

Polyurethane Rollers

Whether you’re in need of a conveyor roller, incline-shaft roller, boat roller, or any other Polyurethane roller; we are able to custom mould rollers to your specifications. Urethane-based rollers are less expensive, quieter, and more hard-wearing & abrasive, than stainless steel rollers. Furthermore, they’re ‘mouldable’ in various shapes and sizes.

Urethane-based rollers are the perfect solution for high-stress applications.

Common types of urethane rollers include: Drive Rollers, Conveyor Rollers, Idler Rollers, Ringer Rollers, V-Rollers, Pinch Rollers, Nip Rollers, Feed Rollers, and Pulleys.

Benefits of Urethane Rollers:

Marring of products

Polyurethane in its natural state, does not mar nor damage any material it comes into contact with. Rubber on the other hand, which has carbon added to it, can leave black marks on materials. Furthermore, metal will mar objects and damage them.

Chemical/Water Resistance

Polyurethane outperforms rubber and metal in applications that are exposed to wet environments for extended periods of time, as rubber will rot and metal will corrode over time.

Abrasion Resistance

Polyurethane rollers have excellent abrasion resistance properties in comparison to rubber, resulting in fewer instances of needing rollers replaced (even given their great deal of abrasion from combining dynamic loads and high friction).

Low Permanent Set

Rebound is essential for printing, driving and conveyor rollers.  Polyurethane rollers can be manufactured to effectively handle heavy items and not take a set.

Tensile Strength & Elongation

Polyurethane has the ability to handle more weight without rupturing and tearing apart, in comparison to rubber.

Wide range of formulations

Polyurethane rollers can be manufactured to your specific wear requirements.

We have the ability to produce Polyurethane Rollers for the following industries:

  • Food Processing industry for conveyor systems
  • Construction industry to hold large pipes
  • Machine/Equipment Maintenance industry for recovering worn out rollers
  • Packaging industry for labelling rollers

Polyurethane Wheels

We are able to custom-mould non-marking and hard-wearing Polyurethane Wheels for trolleys, forklifts, manlifts, chair lifts, cranes, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Automatic Guided Carts (AGCs), floor maintenance equipment, escalators, elevators, and so many other hard-wearing applications. These urethane-based wheels have a long-life expectancy, making them suited to high wear environments and pressure conditions, when comparing them to other similar products.

Polyurethane Anti-Vibration Pads

Anti-Vibration Pads can be used with various types of machinery to cost-effectively absorb vibration, impact, and sound (high frequency vibration).

We can custom mould a large array of Anti Vibration Mats & Pads to suit your vibration damping and isolation needs. They can be moulded in the following materials (but not limited to): Rubber (for resilient vibration absorption) and Neoprene (for durable, effective vibration dampening).

Polyurethane Bumpers

We have the ability to produce Custom Moulded and Cast Polyurethane Bumpers for all types of industrial, robotics, mining, and oil uses and requirements i.e., hardness, chemical resistance, temperature, and extreme environments. They aide product damage prevention, reduce noise, and are durable in nature.

It’s important to note that Polyurethane Bumpers are superior to plastic, rubber and metal bumpers because of their incredible durability, customisation, noise abatement, performance, and the fact that they can be bonded to metal components.

We are able to custom-mould Polyurethane Bumpers for Conveyor Belt Systems, Electrical Components, Hydraulic Cylinders, Industrial Washing Machines, Bicycle Seats, and so much more.

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