Polyurethane Wear and Impact Protection Clamping Bars

Smart Moulds custom moulds premium grade wear and impact bars from a highly elastic polyurethane compound, that displays excellent resistance to sliding abrasion and large particle impact. They can be manufactured with either a steel backing plate and / or with an Aluminium rail, and can be fastened through a bolt, or in the case of a rail – a sliding T-Bolt.

Polyurethane Wear and Impact Bars absorb energy from the impact of materials, reducing vibration; minimising noise, damp and dust emissions; and protecting your equipment; resulting in a longer life result at a lower cost/ton.

They are suitable for high wear and moderate impact applications, typically used in the Mining, Quarrying and Mineral processing industries, on the following equipment:

  • Chutes and feed spots
  • Under pans
  • Transfer points
  • Hold down bars in screens
  • Belt scrapers
  • Rock boxes
  • Hoppers and surge bins
  • Launders
  • Cyclones
  • Feeders
  • Screens
  • Mills and Scrubber Mills
  • Trunnions
  • Conveyor transfer chutes and Deflector plates
  • Conveyor belt support (minimize damage)

Furthermore, they can be used for any application which requires a mechanically fastened wear and impact resistant polyurethane bar, including:

  • Lifter bars in mills and scrubbers
  • Centre clamp bars in screens
  • Marine and transport docking fenders
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Mounted on impact beds, or as spare parts.

Protect your steel surfaces from abrasion and impact by asking us to custom engineer a wear protection polyurethane bar system for your equipment. They’re available in a range of standard thicknesses, and can be custom cut to any profile, as per the provided specifications and drawings.

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